Strive to be The Best Energy and Power Solution Provider

PT. Enviromate Technology International (ETI) Established in 2003, is focus in the natural gas infrastructure development, natural gas transportation, renewable energy and independent power producer. ETI offers engineering solutions with different business schemes such as Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), or Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT). Our engineering team is capable to design, build and operate facilities with advanced technology, competitive pricing, and according to schedule.

Together with fast energy development, ETI businesses units focus on the following:

  • Natural Gas Infrastructure Development (natural gas pre treatment, CNG, LNG, and LPG)
  • Natural Gas Transportation onshore and offshore
  • Renewable energy (Mini Hydro, Biomass, Biogas, solar power plant)
  • Independent Power Producer (IPP)
  • Compressor rental including Operation and Maintenance
  • Methane gas reformer
  • Fabrication of gas storage (CNG and LNG)
  • Power Transmissions

ETI has served society by working with major clients such as PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), PT. Pertamina, PT. Indonesia Power, PT Pertadaya Gas PetroChina International, etc.

There are few projects under ETI that recognized as a breakthrough and major contributing to efficiency of oru client

  1. 15 MMSCFD CNG Peaker Plant located in Grati, East Java. ETI design, build and operate an this energy efficient Compressed Natural Gas Plant. This plant utilizes the waste heat from the gas engines to heat up water which is used as part of the decanting process. The plant is able to reduce power consumption and thus, increase the overall efficiency. The plant store the gas during non peak 24 hours a day and supply the gas to PT. Indonesia Power during peak hours to ensure the electricity demands during Peak hours of the local population are met.
  2. Consortium ETI and CIMC ENRIC won and setup the development of first CNG marine transportation. We built the world’s first CNG transportation ship with 110 m length, 14 knots design speed, and up to 20 MMSCFD capacity. This ship is built for PT PLN to transport CNG from PLN mother station in Gresik CNG power plant to Lombok power plant. PLN will use the ship to transport CNG to other areas not linked to gas pipeline. We are able to produce a custom medium to large vessel to deliver CNG and LNG for your needs.
  3. 18 MMSCFD CNG Peaker in Tambak Lorok was built and deliver gas for Indonesia Power Gas turbine for Perta Daya Gas. This project comes with 2 years Operation and Maintenance.

ETI owns and operates other business functions under our subsidiary companies:

  • PT. RENERPHA ENERGI UTAMA: focuses on providing a green and renewable energy using mini-hydro and solar power plants.
  • PT. MURA ENERGI BUANA: Owns and operates Independent power plant located at Musi Rawas (South Sumatra).

Market Segments

Natural Gas infrastructure

We offer services along the natural gas value chain. We are specialized in building natural gas facilities; Compressed Natural Gas Plant, Small and Medium Scale LNG storage and regasification, LPG storage and extraction plant. For our clients, we offer different business models such as Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC, Turnkey project or Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT).

Our Portfolio:

  • 15 MMSCFD CNG Peaker Plant at Grati, East Java
  • 18 MMSCFD CNG Peaker Plant at Tambak Lorok, Central Java
  • 28 MMSCFD CNG Plant at Gresik and Lombok

Renewable energy (Mini Hydro, Biomass, Biogas and Solar Power Plant)

ETI offers various renewable energy solutions to support The Government of Indonesia to reach Mix Fuel Target by 2025 where 25% of the fuel used in Indonesia must be coming from renewable sources. Our specialty includes the development of mini-hydro power plants, solar power plants, biomass and biogas power plants. One of our subsidiary PT. RENERPHA ENERGI UTAMA build mini hydro Power Plant in West Java area. For more information please visit our subsidiary: Renerpha Website.

Independent Power Producer (IPP)

In 2015, ETI acquired PT. MURA ENERGI BUANA, an independent power producer gas power plant 2x4 MW located at Musi Rawas, South Sumatra. We received a 20 year contract from PT. PLN under our Power Purchase Agreement. For more information regarding our IPP please visit MURA website.

Gas Transportation onshore and offshore

As the user of natural gas use increases, so does the need for transportation infrastructure in place to support them. With Indonesia having made up of a thousand islands, pipeline construction might not be a right option. This makes mobile transportation more efficient and effective. ETI can provide gas transportation both land and sea.

ETI portfolio includes:

  • CNG Marine

Rental Compressor (Operation and Maintenance)

The pressure of natural gas in pipeline will decrease the further it travels. In order to increase the pressure of the gas, a gas compressor is needed. ETI offers a long term booster compressor rental for your plant. The main benefit of renting are reduced capital expenditure and risks on your part so you can focus on your main core business.

ETI portfolio:

  • Energy Listrik Batam

Methane gas reformer

A high performance power generation can be only be achieved by a high methane number fuel gas. We provide a solution for these issues by boosting the methane number from 20-70 to 90-108 methane numbers (for natural gas). We always work with your custom design specifications in order to create the most effective and cost efficient solution.

image description

The above picture is a graphical representation of how ETI’s methane booster works. The low MN natural gas is sent to the separation column whereby the methane is stripped from the gas and the heavier hydrocarbon such as ethane, propane and butane is sent to the methane boosting section.

In the methane boosting reactor, the heavier hydrocarbon is reacted with steam in the presence of catalyst to convert the reactants into methane and carbon dioxide. As heavier hydrocarbon decreases the MN, this section significantly increases the MN and therefore the quality of the gas product will allow for high performance of the gas engine.

Benefits of using the methane booster

  • No need two reactors in series, But ETI’s Single reactor with highest yield and unique design.
  • Lower Temperature reaction but higher conversion yield allows longer reactor life time and less trouble.

Fabrication of gas storage (CNG and LNG)

ETI and CIMC ENRIC have partnered to set up an assembly plant in Indonesia. CIMC ENRIC is the largest CNG tube skid manufacturer and market share holder in the world. By partnering with CIMC ENRIC, we are able to assemble CNG tube skids and LNG ISO tanks locally, reducing the delivery time of the equipment and the cost from import taxes and shipping fees.

Power Transmissions

Indonesia is in the process of developing its economy and power infrastructure is a prerequisite for such of high economic growth. To support government’s plans for 35000mw, ETI participates in the development of power transmission in Indonesia.